Pros and Cons of Insurance Sales Jobs

Published: 02nd July 2010
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Insurance Sales Jobs Aren't For Everybody...

So what's the deal with insurance sales jobs? Are they right for me? Why shouldn't I take one? One can easily browse the internet or the trade magazine and newspapers to find out about the job as insurance sales agent. But as in any aspect of life choosing this career as the profession one must seek out whether a person is suitable to take on the job as insurance sales agent. The few things to make one qualify for this job are;

* A little experience in this field will help out immensely.

* Knowing the basics of a policy and underwriting procedures is vital to be successful as an insurance sales agent.

* One having experience in sales has better chance than those who do not.

* The one thing that can be labeled as base of success in this career is the capability to motivating and talent of negotiation.

* Although a Bachelor's degree is required but not always a condition if you are going for an executive sales job.

If one searches the search engines you will be surprised to find a large number and mixture of executive opportunities available in insurance sales jobs. If it is training job in the sales department then the associate chalk out training materials. The sales executive also provides seminars to train other people related to sales, which can definitely prove to be fun and lucrative way to work.

Whereas, if a person chooses job in sales management department it means he has to manage account representatives and field sales representatives. This allows the veterans of the field to pass on their experiences and insight to the upcoming sales executives. The daily task of executive sales jobs in the insurance demands that the agents' work to sell out insurance products to clients or maybe to join agents and sales associates to trade or boost the sales of insurance products.

The people in sales also need to motivate future clients. If one works in sales then he has to be ready to give presentation every now and then. These presentations are for the benefit of on hand clients as well as the new ones; it might be a presentation on sales figure in presence of company heads or for the training of newly hired sales executives. The earnings in insurance sales jobs are appealing as one not only get a base salary but wins commissions. The income differs in this line of profession starting somewhere in five figures and rising up into six, of course that depends on one's performance as well as his accomplishments.

Put in a plain the sales management job gets handsome salary. Second in the line are the executive's sales and jobs in sales as they come up in the middle, whereas the account reps and in-house representatives are at the bottom but it does not mean one remains there forever. The challenges and opportunities in insurance are high for those who work hard. There also is the luxury of a full benefit plan and retirement.

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